One Year In The Books

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A little over a year ago (July 10th, 2014 to be exact), I sat down at this computer, pounded on the keys for awhile and wrote the first post for this website. I really had little idea of what I was doing, what my goals were for the site…hell I didn’t even know what I was going to write for post number two.

55 weeks later, and 63 posts later, the answer to those questions are clearer but still not totally defined. I had in mind a “DC based sports site” but have at times ventured outside of the Capital Beltway for inspiration. In the first month or two I messed around with ideas that reacted to or previewed certain events. I quickly realized that trying to run a paint by numbers, meat and potatoes sports site was not even close to what I wanted when I started the site, so I quickly abandoned that course.

I’m also not trying to feed the content monster by hastily and lazily posting clickbait articles that do nothing more chase traffic and properly massage the backs of the SEO Gods. If/when people start paying cash to put ads on my page, THEN I’ll whore myself out to the highest bidders.

I will say it has been fun following my very modest traffic and social media network. Over the year both have grown and figuring out that secret formula without turning the site into Buzzfeed Lite has been an education.

The ultimate goals I’ve had over the past year was to have a creative outlet as well as to form my own voice in my writing. I don’t want to sound like every other sports site and I certainly don’t want to take myself too seriously. I’ve also tried to focus on broader topics that are DC based (media coverage, fandom, etc) as well as travelogues of games I’ve gone to. All of that will continue. At the bottom of this post in the “You might also like” section I linked five posts that I feel really capture what I’m going for here.

Since I started the site, I’ve made new friends, had a few one liners from my entries in the DC Sports Bog’s A11 College Hoops poll printed in the Washington Post’s sports section, learned a thing or two about WordPress and social media and most importantly, went 77-48-5 picking football games last year on the FSB Facebook page! So if nothing else, you should have made a few bucks if you were paying attention over the past 12 months. 

I wanted to especially thank Mark Harter, Danny SumerlinMatt Wills and Rick Beale for taking time to provide some content of their own to the site. All of your contributions provided different and talented voices on the site and I really appreciate you taking time to contribute.

Also, to everyone who has read, shared, posted, tweeted and so on, thanks a ton. This is fun hobby for me and it’s made a lot more fun seeing people consume and share my posts. 

Above all, I wanted to thank my wife for actually being the inspiration for the site. That’s right, my non sports watching wife is the reason FakeSportsBar is around. I believe it was after a wall to wall NFL Sunday where I left the couch only for bathroom breaks and beer, when she bluntly stated “If you’re going to sit there all day and watch sports you may as well be productive and write about it.” I heard her call and since that day she’s been FSB’s number fan and a tremendous supporter and source of motivation for me. I promised I wouldn’t embarrass her in this post, so I just want to say I loooooooooooove you honeyyyyy, muahmuahmuahmuahmuah.

So that’s it, one year down. I felt I should give all you guys some love and wanted to thank you again for all the support. I’m looking forward to the future of FSB and as always I’m open to post suggestions, guest columns…you name it. All my contact info is on the site.

Cheers and thanks again for reading,




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