NFL & Bowl Picks – Week 17



Last Week ATS: 1-4

Last Week ML: 0-3

Last Week Alternative Lines: 0-0

This Week: 3-2 ATS, 1-2 ML (-.3 units)

2015 Season ATS: 113-115-3 (49%)

2015 Season ML: 13-24 (+2.8 units)

2015 Season Alternative Lines: 4-1 (+7.65 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5


Rough run on the money line plays lately, including a couple of big misses. A lot more picks will be posted over at the FSB Facebook page the rest of the season, but once I have a post up any additions will be in the comments section of the post. Best of luck and Happy Holidays.

NFL & Bowl Picks – Week 16


Last Week ATS: 4-2

Last Week ML: 1-1 (+1.1 units)

Last Week Alternative Lines: 2-1 (+3.3 units)

2015 Season ATS: 109-109-3 (50%)

2015 Season ML: 12-19 (+6.1 units)

2015 Alternative Lines: 4-1 (+7.65 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5 (62%)


My last 9 weeks I’ve gone 69-57-1 (55%), plus look at those money line and alternative line numbers…almost +14 units for the season.

Bowl season is a great time to find really good and really bad spots for teams. Look for the ML and Alt Line plays to really ramp up between bowl games and late season NFL.

NFL Picks — Week 15


Last Week ATS: 8-5 (Added Cowboys +3, ML +125 and over 42.5 to the FSB Facebook Page on 12/7)

Last Week ML: 3-5 (+1.90 units)

2015 Season ATS: 105-107-3 (49%)

2015 Season ML: 11-18 (+5 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5 (62%)


My last 8 weeks I’ve gone 65-55-1, so things have been looking up even if the ATS record for the season is only at 49%. Those couple of extra large cards in September that crashed and burned are still haunting the season record.

NFL Picks — Week 14


Last Week ATS: 10-6

Last Week ML: 0-0

This Week: 0-1 (Baylor yesterday on the FSB Facebook Page)

2015 Season ATS: 97-102-3 (49%)

2015 Season ML: 8-13 (+3.10 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5 (62%)


Biggest NFL card of the season. Feels like that kinda week is on tap. Woof Woof.

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