Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead Giveaway

Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead


Ryan Zimmerman (the pride of Virginia Beach, my hometown) returned to the Nationals lineup tonight in Miami, so I figured what better time to giveaway my spare Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead I picked up at the Cubs game in June. This sucker is still in the box (the one out of the box above is my other one) and ready to be claimed by one of my tens of readers.

Reviewing The Athlete Cameos In “Trainwreck”

The Avalon Theater in DC. Photo: Taylor Adkins/FakeSportsBar.com

Jim Brown is one of the best (if not the best) football players of all time. At the peak of his career, he did the unthinkable and walked away from football to pursue a career in Hollywood. He went on to have a very solid movie career, and doesn’t seem to have any regrets as evidenced from a 2008 interview with Esquire Magazine.

The best quote here:

Seven Available (And Awesome) Entrance Songs For MLB Closers

Mets reliever warms up at Nats Park. Photo: Taylor Adkins/FakeSportsBar.com

Being a Major League closer comes with many perks. The pay is awesome.  You appearances in actual games equates to about 4% of the season, so there’s plenty of down time to relax and watch baseball. When you do your job correctly, you are in essence the grand finale of the show and therefore get one of the loudest ovations of any given game.

Sure, there’s the paper thin job security and all the pressure of getting the three toughest outs of the game, but still, as far as major professional sports go being an MLB closer is pretty choice.

There Are Still Games To Bet On During The Slowest Night Of The Sports Calendar


Photo: AP/Elaine Thompson

How slow is “the slowest sports night on the sports calendar” you ask? Last night was more lively because The ESPYs were on. However, tonight doesn’t have to be the sports version of rehab. If you’ve got the itch, you can scratch it with some of these highly entertaining gambling options, of course if you feel like you have addiction with gambling or alcoholism you can find a treatment for alcohol addiction to help you with this.


The Nationals and Orioles; Rivals Everywhere Except On The Schedule

Photo: Taylor Adkins/FakeSportsBar.com

Rivalries in sports are usually cut and dry. They consist of two franchises, from their fan bases all the way to the front offices, that flat out don’t like each other. When the two teams get together, it’s always a different feel from a game versus any other opponent, even if both teams are having down years.

The recipe for a good rivalry should include most of the following:

  • Consistently on the schedule, particularly in the final 1/4 of a season. Obviously helps if teams are in the same division
  • Geographic proximity