Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead Giveaway

Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead


Ryan Zimmerman (the pride of Virginia Beach, my hometown) returned to the Nationals lineup tonight in Miami, so I figured what better time to giveaway my spare Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead I picked up at the Cubs game in June. This sucker is still in the box (the one out of the box above is my other one) and ready to be claimed by one of my tens of readers.

Perhaps you are a big Nats fan. Maybe you went to high school with Zimm and this would be a great addition to your bobblehead collection of high school classmates (that’s a thing, right?). Or, you just love a good ball game giveaway, and the torrential downpours that drenched the DMV on that June night kept you away from the park.

So how do you win the Ryan Zimmerman bobblehead? Send me a picture of your best piece of sports memorabilia from your collection. It can be a rare ticket stub, a piece of game worn equipment or hell, even a Tim Kurkjian Bobblehead.

You can Tweet me at @FakeSportsBar

You can post it to my Facebook page

You can post it on your Instagram account and then tag me (@FakeSportsBar)

You can email me at manager@fakesportsbar.com

Whatever your favorite social media flavor is, just send me a picture of your entry as well as a few words on where you got it or a great story that accompanies the memorabilia. 

I will accept entries until Sunday August 2nd at 8pm. After that I’ll pick my three favorites and put them up to a fan vote, which will begin August 4th at 8am and end August 7th at 5pm.

Have fun with it folks! I look forward to seeing some cool memorabilia and unloading this bobblehead to a new home!

All I ask of the Nats marketing department is that next time I’d really appreciate a “Drunk Zimm dancing at a wedding” bobblehead.  

I bet he learned those moves on a late night at Peabody’s.

Ryan Zimmerman

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