Just What We Needed, Another Sports Bar

Don’t worry, this isn’t REALLY a sports bar, it’s actually a sports website. We do need more of those, right? RIGHT!?

Whether we need another sports site is up for debate. (For loyal ESPN viewers, “debate” is what happens when you put Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith in a room and give them one rule, don’t agree on ANYTHING.)

What’s not up for debate, is that the lights are on at FakeSportsBar.com. I’ve always had the typical guy dream of owning a Sports Bar. In reality, the liability, hours and stress of running a bar doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. So the “lights” are just the glow of your computer screen. Similar to a Sports Bar, this site will serve as a place for sports fans to come and go, dish about whatever game or team they want, and interact with me, tending bar. (The Space Bar? OK, done with the puns.)

I’ll also be sharing general thoughts on the sports world, large or small as well as photos from games I attend, reviews of stadiums and bars I visit and hunches I may have on certain games (entertainment purposes only, OF COURSE.) As ideas come to me, I’ll try ’em out. A “Jukebox” with music picks will be in the works.

If you don’t drink booze, that’s cool! We don’t have any! Pass the mozzarella sticks…

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