Soccer vs Baseball

So The World Cup just ended. As the tournament progressed, it continuously left a wake of soccer trolls and soccer defenders, and the debate over soccer grew more contentious with each flop and each brilliant goal. Soccer detractors would launch into an all too familiar rant about the pace of play, lack of scoring and overall dullness of the game. Soccer fans, would often retort with 3 words when The Beautiful Game was criticized for a lack of action and scoring.

“What about Baseball?”

Just What We Needed, Another Sports Bar

Don’t worry, this isn’t REALLY a sports bar, it’s actually a sports website. We do need more of those, right? RIGHT!?

Whether we need another sports site is up for debate. (For loyal ESPN viewers, “debate” is what happens when you put Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith in a room and give them one rule, don’t agree on ANYTHING.)