FSB In The Stands: Minor League Baseball, Shrimp & Grits And (Almost) Bill Murray In Charleston, South Carolina



Within 60 minutes of landing in Charleston, ordering a John Daly at 10am on a Wednesday seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

After dropping our bags at the hotel and trudging a mile or so through the thick southern air, Mrs. FSB and myself arrived at our first destination. With my head still full of airplane weirdness, I crossed the threshold of the Rutledge Avenue sidewalk, into The Hominy Grill, a bedrock breakfast joint in Charleston specializing in low country classics. It was our first stop on a four day tour as we ate and drank our way through The Holy City.

Just What We Needed, Another Sports Bar

Don’t worry, this isn’t REALLY a sports bar, it’s actually a sports website. We do need more of those, right? RIGHT!?

Whether we need another sports site is up for debate. (For loyal ESPN viewers, “debate” is what happens when you put Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith in a room and give them one rule, don’t agree on ANYTHING.)