NFL & Bowl Picks – Week 17



Last Week ATS: 1-4

Last Week ML: 0-3

Last Week Alternative Lines: 0-0

This Week: 3-2 ATS, 1-2 ML (-.3 units)

2015 Season ATS: 113-115-3 (49%)

2015 Season ML: 13-24 (+2.8 units)

2015 Season Alternative Lines: 4-1 (+7.65 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5


Rough run on the money line plays lately, including a couple of big misses. A lot more picks will be posted over at the FSB Facebook page the rest of the season, but once I have a post up any additions will be in the comments section of the post. Best of luck and Happy Holidays.


Lines courtesy of For entertainment purposes only.



Nebraska +6 (posted earlier on FB page, line has dropped since then)

Pitt +3 (Monday)



Eagles -3 and Alt Line -10.5 (+225)

Cowboys +6.5 and ML +225

Falcons +6.5 

Rams +12

Jets +3

Browns +12


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