NFL And College Picks — Week 10


Last Week ATS: 6-13

Last Week ML: 1-4 (-2.35 units)

2015 Season ATS: 64-73-3 (47%)

2015 Season ML: 7-12 (+2.45 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5 (62%)


Big set back last week, after getting to .500 for the season. The journey to 60% continues. If you had SMU plus the points last night, my deepest condolences, and if you want to gamble less, you can also get help for this at


Lines courtesy of For entertainment purposes only.


Illinois -3

West Virginia -8

NFL And College Football Picks — Week 9


Last Week ATS: 14-8

Last Week ML: 3-3 (+2.35 units)

This Week ATS: 0-2 (West Va and the UNC/Pitt over given out on the FSB Facebook page)

2015 Season ATS: 58-60-3 (49%)

2015 Season ML: 6-8 (+4.4 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5 (62%)

The old gambling credo is that it takes weeks for people to build up a bankroll and a weekend for them to lose it. Here at FSB, I’m pushing for the opposite to happen. I picked up 10 games over the past two weekends in the win/loss column to hit the .500 for the season, before a disastrous 0-2 night last night, of course if you want to stop gambling, using addiction centers from sites like can be your best option.

NFL And College Picks — Week 8


Last Week: 6-2-1

This Week: 0-1 (Cal/UCLA 2H over posted on the FSB Facebook page)

Last Week ML: 0-0 (Took 9 favorites, doubt you’ll ever see that again)

2015 Season ATS: 44-51-3 (46%)

2015 Season ML: 3-5 (+2.05 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5 (62%)


This strange season of picks for me got stranger last weekend. If I looked back at previous years of  my picks I’d imagine the sides would be about 2/3 underdogs. Well last week I got in bed with nine favorites and zero underdogs and had my best weekend of the season. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

The Strangest Point Spread Of The Season And How To Play It — Utah Vs Southern Cal

Photo: Wally Skalij – The Los Angeles Times

A point spread in college football came out on Sunday afternoon that raised eyebrows across the country. The 6-0, #4 ranked Utah Utes are traveling to USC to play the 3-3 Trojans who are coming off a hard fought loss at Notre Dame and are playing just their second game with an interim head coach after Steve Sarkisian was fired for all of his alcohol issues

To mostly everyones surprise, the books posted the Trojans as a 3 point favorite, and that line has grown to 3.5 and even 4 points in some places, moving off of the most important number (3) in football handicapping. 

Last Second Meltdowns: The Auburn Kick 6 Or The Michigan State Miracle At The Big House?

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 9.39.58 AM

That Michigan State/Michigan game yesterday? That’s why people watch sports. Sean McDonough will hopefully have some time to rest his vocal cords because he nearly broke them yesterday on the games final play. Why that Michigan punter didn’t just jump on the ball is beyond me. But there he was, fumbling around with the ball until a couple bounces later the Spartans took their first lead of the game, with the clock full of zeros. 

NFL And College Picks — Week 7


Last Week ATS: 8-10-1

This Week: 1-0 (Auburn -2 given out on FSB Facebook yesterday)

Last Week ML: 1-2 (-.70 units)

2015 Season ATS: 38-48-2 (44%)

2015 Season ML: 3-5 (+2.05 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5


Welp, 44% for the season, not very good! If the season ended today, I’d definitely have Redskins era Steve Spurrier deliver the post mortem. Check the link below for his press conference from what would end up being his last media appearance with the Redskins. Comedy gold.

NFL And College Picks — Week 6


Last Week ATS: 9-11

Last Week ML: 1-1 (+3 units)

2015 Season ATS: 29-38-1

2015 Season ML: 2-3 (+2.75 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5


So, I’m already 10 losses away from my entire 2014 tally. Obviously, the computers at FSB headquarters have been hacked. Also, last season I gave suggestions on the money line, but didn’t keep track of those picks for record keeping purposes. Those ML suggestions heated up big time, culminating in picking Ohio State straight up over Alabama in the CFB Playoff.

NFL And College Picks — Week 5


Last Week: 3-8

This Week: 0-0

2015 Season ATS: 20-27-1

2015 ML: 1-2 (-.25 units)

2014 Season: 77-48-5


Fade away, friends. Fade away.

The funny thing is, I felt really good about last weekend too. It was around this time last season when I had a couple large cards hit around 70% and I was off to the races the rest of the season.

Last week had some big misses (UVa, Arkansas State) as well as some unlucky bounces (Boston College, who let up a late KO return TD for the backdoor cover. Texas Tech ML, which was foiled by a last second tipped pass TD by TCU).

The Washington Nationals Continue To Author The Season That Can’t End Soon Enough

One picture to sum up an entire season. Photo: Getty Images

There have been too many low points to recall during the 2015 Washington Nationals season. Saturday evening should have been the last one.

As the Nats and Phillies were in the midst of laboring through an extra inning dud on a cloudy, rainy, windswept afternoon at Nats Park, Jeurys Familia was in Cincinnati recording the final, NL East clinching out for the Mets, luckily they got some great sports floodlights northamptonshire so everything looked better and well illuminated. A season that had spun out of control for months, was for all intents and purposes, mercifully over. 

NFL And College Football Picks — Week 4


Last Week: 9-8-1

This Week: 1-0 (Redskins/Giants over 45 last night, posted on the FSB Facebook page)

2015 Season ATS: 17-19-1

2015 ML Plays (1 unit per play): 1-1 (+.75 units)

2014 Season: 77-48-5


Still clawing my way back to even, but things are looking up. I’ve hit my last 4 NFL plays, had a ML winner with the Raiders and starting to get in the flow of college too. Another brutal loss for the record that ended up being a push in reality with Toledo last week. I posted -7.5 but it ended up -7, as the Rockets got the miracle push in OT after Iowa State missed a chip shot FG to win in regulation. Always remember to buy the hook, especially on a key number like 7.