FSB In The Stands: Derek Jeter’s Last Game

Photo Credit: Jeff Curry/USA Today Sports



I’ve never been a camera guy. I feel that a lot of people miss big moments (sports plays, kids milestones, etc) because they’re too busy taking pictures or video taping. I had decided last night was going to be different for me, I was going to make sure to get some good shots of the Captain as he’s walking off the field for the last time. Most likely from shortstop with 2 outs in the top of the 9th as he jogs off with his cap in the air. Or even better, a double in the bottom of the 7th & they take him out for a pinch runner with the long walk across the infield.

Enjoy The NFL For What It Is, A Three Ring Circus

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/US Presswire


Move over Barnum & Bailey, you’ve got some company. NFL fans may or may not have noticed, but they are now followers of the biggest traveling circus this side of The Ringling Brothers. Only this circus comes with 365 day media coverage and “performers” who have had a tough time staying on the right side of the law lately. To be fair, the majority of NFL players are respectable, law abiding citizens. It’s just been that lately, for every dozen or so players that attend a soup kitchen or children’s hospital, there’s a Ray Rice that eats up all the headlines.

Just How Likely Is The Beltways World Series Between The Nationals And Orioles?



38 miles separate Nationals Park and Camden Yards; this past Tuesday 21 minutes separated the final outs that would clinch the NL East and the AL East for the Nationals and Orioles respectively. Not since 2004 when the Dodgers and Angels clinched on the same night, had two teams in the same metro area locked up their divisions within a couple commercial breaks of each other. It made for great television, as MASN and MASN2 featured extended post game shows that covered both celebrations.


An Ode To Atlantic City


Atlantic City isn’t well.

This isn’t exactly breaking news; it seems every journalist with an expense account large enough to get them to South Jersey and back (with maybe a little extra for the Craps table) has done an obit on the neon shore town in the Garden State. By now there must be a paint by numbers template on how to pen the death knell column on AC; I’m actually sure of this because every single one of them has the same lines from the same Springsteen song that bears the city’s name. The pride of the Jersey Shore wrote some great lyrics for “Atlantic City”, but personally I like the bluegrass version by The Band.

NFL Las Vegas Win Total Discussion: AFC North

The AFC North enters the 2014 season as one of the most wide open divisions in football. Las Vegas oddsmakers declined to take a stand and inserted the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals all at 8.5 or 9 wins. Cincy won the division last year but failed yet again to win a playoff game, losing at home to San Diego in the Wild Card round. The Ravens are now a full season removed from their Super Bowl win, which they followed up with a disappointing 8-8 season. Pittsburgh has now had two straight 8-8 seasons, doubly disappointing. Cleveland hasn’t finished over .500 since 2007 and had an offseason full of drama that rivaled the 49ers. Can Baltimore or Pittsburgh wrestle the division back from Cincy? Can Andy Dalton take the next step and win a playoff game? Will the Johnny Football circus eat the Browns season alive? Let’s take a look.

NFL Las Vegas Win Total Discussion: NFC West

The best division in football rolls into 2014 as the only division with two teams who have double digits win totals. Not surprising, after three teams posted 10+ wins last year and 4th place St Louis went a very respectable 7-9. Seattle edged out the 49ers by a game to take the division crown, and then the two met in the NFC Championship Game; a slug fest that Seattle would narrowly win. Led by their ferocious defenses, these two teams were clearly the best of the NFL last year as Seattle obliterated Denver in the Super Bowl.