NFL and Bowl Picks — Week 18


Last Week ATS: 8-4 

Last Week ML: 1-3 (-1.3 units)

Last Week Alternative Line: 0-1 (-1 unit)

This Week ATS: 2-5

This Week ML: 0-2 (-2 units)

2015 Season ATS: 123-124-3 (50%) 

2015 Season ML: 13-27 (-.2 units)

2015 Alternative Lines: 4-2 (+6.65 units)

2014 Season ATS: 77-48-5 (62%)


Tough time to hit a mini skid, with bowls over and a mostly meaningless NFL slate tomorrow. The bowl season this year was really disappointing and part of my struggle was this new schedule. I can’t remember a bowl season where I watched so few games; lots of week day games, the semifinals being on NYE (evidently I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t compelled to tune into those games) and cramming lots of games into a few days rather than having the last 5-6 bowl games as stand alone night games were all factors for me just not watching a lot of pigskin.

Also, this bowl season was a chalky as I can ever remember. 66% of favorites covered and only 6 underdogs of 4+ points won outright. Overs also hit at around 60%. These numbers weren’t good for the books or yours truly.

Now, all that’s left is the National Championship Game, tomorrow’s slate of NFL games and the NFL playoffs. Another season gone in the blink of an eye, now it’s time to get into some reels of joy.

60% looks like a pipe dream at this point, barring a monster run in the NFL playoffs. I’m ready to go on that monster run, of course if you gamble too much in NFL games, you can stop using rehab for this, learn more about this here.


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Bucs/Panthers under 47

Bengals -9

Ravens/Bengals under 42

Broncos -8.5

49ers +4

Cardinals -6

Dolphins +10


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  • January 3, 2016 at 12:50 pm


    Dolphins +10


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