Vacationland (Plus an idea for Goddell)

It’s the dog days of summer. I know this because I’ve picked crabs the past two Saturday’s. When you move to Maryland, that’s the legal minimum for a summer. They actually give you a mallet and a can of Old Bay when you get your license at the DMV. Also, about that license? Yeah, there’s a crab on the license.


So I’ve been eating a lot of crabs. I also know it’s the dog days of summer, because of last week…the slowest week of the year on the sports calendar. Monday, there was the 4+ hour debacle of a Home Run Derby. Somehow MLB and the NBA have taken two time honored, “how could you possibly screw this up” events in the Home Run Derby and the Slam Dunk Contest, and ruined them.

Tuesday was the Jeterfest All Star Game, where home field advantage was decided for the World Series (AL won). The game now “matters”, even though a catcher who played 26 games in the 1st half was voted the AL starter (Matt Wieters) and Adam Wainwright admitted, then quickly Just Kidding’d that he threw Jeter a couple BP fastballs during the first at bat of the game which led to a Jeter double and opened the door for a 3 run 1st inning for the AL. They ended up winning by 2.

Wednesday and Thursday…woof. Even the most tenured Sports Radio personality (who wasn’t taking a vacation last week) must have been dying trying to kill airtime on these 2 days. Another tell tale sign of summer, your local Sports Radio hosts are playing golf in North Carolina or with their families in Europe. I pity the replacements, forced to cram in NFL news where there isn’t and hash out the aftermath of your run of the mill NBA signings.

And if you had the itch and were looking for some action, the only games on the board in Vegas were WNBA and NBA Summer League games. Yes, they have point spreads for WNBA games.

In light of this empty calendar, I’m shocked Roger Goddell hasn’t thought of scheduling a scrimmage between any 2 NFL teams on the Wednesday after the MLB ASG. With the sheep like devotion your average NFL fan has, I’m sure Goddell could get a decent sized stadium packed as well as bring in a 10+ share in the Nielsen Ratings. The man obviously wants to take over the entire sports calendar, here’s a day where he could literally schedule anything and not have competition.

And if he scheduled in Maryland? Don’t forget the crabs.

Photo by Taylor Adkins

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