Atlantic 11 College Basketball Ballot – Week 4

Photo: Darren Hauck – AP


Georgetown had a monster week, Maryland avoided a disastrous week and Virginia almost lost to Virginia Tech. Same 10 teams as last week, but with some changes in rankings. Plus, more pith!

Every week, The DC Sports Bog (an online site managed by The Washington Post) will post their Atlantic 11, which comprises the top 11 D-1 college hoops teams within DC, Maryland and Virginia (27 in total, for those counting at home). This poll is conducted by a group of voters, myself included, who vote for their top 10. Every week, I’ll post my ballot here.

Even though it’s the “Atlantic 11″, they only ask the voters for their top 10 teams. Just in case anyone thought I was that poor at math.


1: Virginia: This week, Grantland’s Mark Titus compared UVa fans to 13 year olds who just got their first kiss. I find this offensive not only as a Virginia fan but as someone whose first kiss came in his early 30’s. 

This Week: W vs Georgia Tech, 57-28. W at Virginia Tech, 50-47

Next Week: Duke

2: Georgetown: Did Obama address court rushing at the SOTU last Tuesday? 

This Week: W vs Villanova, 78-58. W at Marquette, 95-85 (OT)

Next Week: Xavier, At Creighton

3: Maryland: Why don’t they just make the whole plane out of Melo Tremble?

This Week: L at Indiana, 89-70. W vs Northwestern, 68-67.

Next Week: At Ohio State

4: VCU: When VCU and Richmond face each other, throw out the record books. No wait, don’t do that; we need those.

This Week: W at Saint Louis, 63-61.

Next Week: George Washington, Richmond

5: George Washington: It’s starting to get a little out of hand with all these schools named after historical figures. I’m looking at you, Jim J. Bullock University.

This Week: W at Fordham, 79-59. W vs Duquesne, 74-59

Next Week: At VCU, At Rhode Island

6: Old Dominion: The Monarchs are getting more visitors from Florida this week than Jerry after Del Boca Vista election day. 

This Week: L at Middle Tennessee State, 68-58 (OT). L at UAB, 81-68

Next Week: Florida International, Florida Atlantic

7: Richmond: Richmond takes on their crosstown rivals VCU this week in the battle for the Ironic Facial Hair Cup.

This Week: L at Dayton, 63-60.

Next Week: Duquesne, At VCU

8: William & Mary: Thomas Jefferson went to William & Mary and then founded the University of Virginia. I went to ODU and then founded a sports blog. Pretty much the same thing.

This Week: L at Delaware, 84-80. W vs Northeastern, 78-62.

Next Week: Hofstra, At JMU

9: American: In an effort to increase attendance, the American/Navy game this Wednesday will actually just be a screening of ‘American Sniper’.

This Week: L at Boston University, 59-54.

Next Week: Army, At Navy

10: Norfolk State: If 6-12 George Mason makes the A11 again this week, I’m assuming one of the main qualifications for the poll is most 7-11’s within a 15 mile radius of campus.

This Week: W vs North Carolina A&T, 74-60. W at South Carolina State, 76-63.

Next Week: At Savannah State, Hampton

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